• Tecnología patentada para producir lentes digitales de superior calidad.
  • Lentes que mejoran la claridad visual de cada cliente según sus necesidades y preferencias.
  • Propiedades fotosensibles que duran más que la competencia.
  • Dr. Michael WalbyFlorida
    "The [Optical Dynamics] system has been a boon to my practice.
    We are now doing 2 out of 3 of our spectacle jobs in-house,
    the quality, precision, and clarity are remarkable and the cost savings are enormous. "
  • Kelly MayerIllinois
    "I took control of my business with the Q-2100 & nanoCLEAR AR system,
    cutting my lab bill by 50% in only two months.
    My patients & I have never been happier. "

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